Mobile Food Units

A mobile food unit is essentially a "kitchen on wheels" and shares the same minimum requirements as a restaurant, but because a mobile food unit is "mobile", there are additional requirements.

  1.  Obtain a Mobile Food Unit Permit Application.
  2. Review the Mobile Food Unit Requirements.
  3. Submit a completed Food Establishment Plan Review Form and a copy of the plans to the Environmental Services Division for review.

     If you are planning on constructing or buying a pre-existing mobile food truck or trailer it is best to contact Environmental Services before purchase. There may be wall and floor finishes, plumbing fixtures and equipment that may not meet the current health codes and will have to be upgraded to meet current codes. A Food Establishment Plan Review Form and a copy of the proposed plans are required for a new construction or exisiting mobile food trucks or trailers with change of ownership and/or plans for remodeling.
  4. If constructing a mobile food unit, construction may begin after the plan review has been completed and approved. If changes occur during the construction process, notify Environmental Services Division ASAP.
  5. Submit the Mobile Food Unit Permit Application to the Victoria County Public Health Department Environmental Services Division upon completion of construction.
  6. Schedule an opening inspection.
  7. Provide a copy of the opening inspection to the proper city/county entity (i.e., local city hall) and pay the proper food establishment permit fee.