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Victoria County operates under the Ex Officio Road Commissioner System pursuant to Chapter 252.001 of the Texas Transportation Code.  Each precinct commissioner takes care of the roads in the commissioner’s precinct.

Under rules adopted by the Commissioners Court, the commissioner directs the laying out of new roads, construction or changing of roads, and building of bridges. Subject to authorization of the court, the commissioner can hire employees, to be paid from the county road and bridge fund.

A county road is a public road that has been accepted for maintenance by the Commissioners Court pursuant to the standards set by the Commissioners Court. These roads are located in the  unincorporated  areas of the county.

There are many roads within the county that are not county-maintained roads including:

  • private roads constructed in private subdivisions, maintained by the private residents/homeowners association;

  • interstate highways, U.S. highways, state highways, farm-to-market roads, spurs, and park roads maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation;

  • roads within an established subdivision that have not been accepted for maintenance, and therefore are still the responsibility of the developer; and 

  • roads within the incorporated limits of cities, villages, towns, or other entities, maintained by those entities.