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97 Foster Field Dr.
Victoria, TX 77905

Contact Number:
(361) 575-0399

Pama Hencerling
Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

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Probation Services

Juvenile probation officers are responsible for a child’s case from the time a petition is filed until the probation term expires. Probation officers conduct comprehensive assessments on each child and family to determine the most effective plan to recommend to the Court for its consideration. The most frequently used disposition is probation in the community with the child residing at home.

The juveniles are given specific conditions of probation to follow, which the probation officers monitor and reports to the Court. The department follows a level system, and an individualized assessment that determines the level of supervision, restrictions and programming for each juvenile. Probation officers maintain frequent contact with their juvenile offenders, monitor compliance with court-ordered conditions and act accordingly when violations occur. A probation officer’s job is to make a positive change in a child’s life.