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Hours of Operation:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Monday - Friday
Closed: Weekends, Holidays

115 N. Bridge St.
Ste. 318
Victoria, TX 77901

Contact Numbers:
(361) 580-5746
(361) 580-5762 (Fax)
(408) 389-2220 (Text App)

Pretrial Procedures

When you call the Pretrial Services Department in order to obtain a Pretrial Bond, you will need to provide the interviewer with information regarding the person in jail. This information will aid in determining the client's eligibility to be released from jail.

Before you call, have the client's full legal name, the correct spelling, and date of birth. The client must have a valid driver's license or state identification card, and a social security number. In addition, you must provide three (3) local references along with their address and telephone information.

A personal interview will be conducted on the client at the Victoria County Jail. If the client is not at the facility, the person requesting the release will need to provide the necessary information to qualify the client. The time of release from jail may vary according to the jail population. When bonding someone out of jail, please make allowances for unforeseen problems and possible delays.

Failure to comply with Bond Conditions may result in revocation of your bond and additional charges being filed.