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Non-Emergencies Dial: (361) 575-0651

Emergencies Dial: 911

Sheriff Patch

Jail Visitation, Mail, Telephone & Commissary

Effective July 10, 2021, Sheriff Marr will resume in-person inmate visitation at the Victoria County Jail.   The visitation rules have been updated and are listed below.

Effective June 30,2021, Victoria County Jail has resumed accepting commissary deposits. The same company will now be used for commissary and telephone, expand the heading below for more details.  

Current Jail Visitation Schedule


    • The established Victoria County Jail visitation plan concerning scheduled days and times will not be altered.
    • The number of visitors allowed per inmate will be one (1) adult only.
    • Children under the age of seventeen (17) years of age will not be allowed to enter the visitation facility.
    • A current valid photo ID will be required to enter the visitation facility.
    • Visitation will be twenty (20) minutes
    • If you have special needs or any further questions, please the Jail Administration office at 361-575-0651.

  • VCSO Mail Procedures

    **Beginning January 1st, 2021, Non-legal, Non-commercial mail sent to Victoria County Jail inmates will be converted to electronic format. Mail will have to either be sent electronically to or mailed to the following address: - Victoria County Jail
    2830 S. Hulen St., Box 809
    Fort Worth, TX 76109

    Please Click Here for further details- English
    Please Click here for further details - Spanish

    **All mail items are subject to additional security screening and being returned to sender

    What type of mail is acceptable?
    • Letters should be addressed as follows:
    • Name and CR Number of person in custody
    • Address: Victoria County Jail, 101 N Glass Street, Victoria, Texas 77901
    • Mailing address and return address written legibly on the same side of the envelope

    What type of letters are NOT acceptable?
    • Letters with no return address
    • Letters with drawings or writing beyond addressing information on the outside
    • Letters that contain printed drawings, pages from books or puzzles, or computer printouts
    • Letters containing any substance or item considered contraband or a threat to security
    • Letters containing posters or greeting cards that are larger than the standard size, contain electronics, pop up from inside, or contain materials like metal or rope

    What type of pictures are NOT acceptable?
    • Photos that are sexually suggestive, show nudity or exposed body parts, cleavage of any type, hand signals or gang signs, or display alcohol or drug use
    • Photos that show underwear, bras or or any type of revealing clothing
    • Photos that over the standard 4x6 size

    Beginning July 31st, 2019, the jail will again accept books and magazines

    What are the jail policies concerning books and magazines?
    • Magazines and books accepted from the publisher only ( limit of one every 2 weeks or 2 per month)
    • The only magazines that the jail will accept will be under the SPORTS or the NEWS categories.
    • No used books or magazines accepted, only new items
    • Books will NOT be accepted from and Redbird due to issues with delivery and book types sent
    • Books or magazines that feature sexually explicit content, gang related content, tattoing, or any activity (legal or illegal) that undermines facility security will NOT be accepted.
    • No books will be stored in property. Once an inmate is done with a book they must either donate it to the facility or have someone come pick it up
    • If an inmate has two books, all additional books sent to him or her will be returned to sender
    • ALL books sent in violation of policies outlined will be returned to sender
    • Jail cannot guarantee delivery confirmation of any book, magazine or mail item.
  • Commissary and Telephone

    Q.) How do I put money on an inmate's commissary or telephone account?

    There are two methods 

    1. The Correct Solutions Group toll free number:  1-877-618-3516 Facility ID: 24101
    2. The website and specify whether deposit is for telephone or commissary.