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Non-Emergencies Dial: (361) 575-0651

Emergencies Dial: 911

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VCSO Reserve Deputy Program

To establish a reserve group of law enforcement officers that can assist the Sheriff's Office in fulfilling its obligations under the law and in accomplishing the mission of the office of the Sheriff.

  • The entry requirements of the Reserve Program shall be the same as those required for a Deputy Sheriff.
  • Reserve Deputy Applicants must be willing to volunteer their time without expectation of material gain or reward for donated time.
  • Applicants must be willing to accept the chain of command and rules of the reserve by-laws
  • Reserve Deputy Applicants must abide by Policies and Procedures that have been adopted by the Sheriff's Office
  • Reserve Deputy Applicants must meet the training standards established by this office and TCOLE.
  • Reserve Deputies wear the same uniform and have the same equipment as a full time Deputy Sheriff.
  • Reserves meet monthly to discuss current business.
  • A minimum of eight hours of duty time is required per month.
  • As a Reserve Deputy, you will be working hand in hand with full time personnel from Units including Patrol, Communications, Civil, Warrants, Detention and Courts.

Submit Applications to:
Victoria County Sheriff's Office - Training Division, 101 N. Glass Street, Victoria, Texas 77901. 

Click here for TCOLE Release of Information and Application / Personal History Statement