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Assumed Names FAQ


Where do I get a Tax ID number and who do I contact about collecting sales tax through my business?
Contact the State Comptroller at 1-800-252-8880

I want to incorporate my business. Who do I contact?
Contact the Secretary of State at 512-463-5555

Where can I obtain resource information for starting a business?
You can go online to the Texas Secretary of State's website, Also you can check with your local Chamber of Commerce, local small business development centers, accountant or business advisor.


Why can’t I file my business’ assumed name with your office if it is incorporated or a LLC?

HB 3609 - 86th Legislative Session
Pursuant to Sec. 71.103 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code:


(a)  A corporation, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, or foreign filing entity required to file a certificate under Section 71.101 shall file the certificate in the office of the secretary of state.

For information on filing your Incorporated business or LLC assumed name, including forms for filing an assumed name under your corporation or LLC, go to:


Why would I need to make changes to my assumed name certificate?

Pursuant to Sec. 71.152.  of the Texas Business and Commerce Code:


 (a)  Not later than the 60th day after an event occurs that causes the information in a certificate to become materially misleading, a registrant must file a new certificate complying with this chapter in the office in which the original or renewal certificate was filed.

(b)  An event that causes the information in a certificate to become materially misleading includes:

    (1)  a change in the name, identity, entity, form of business or professional organization, or location of a     registrant;

    (2)  for a proprietorship or sole practitioner, a change in ownership; or

    (3)  for a partnership:

         (A)  the admission of a new partner or joint venturer; or

         (B)  the end of a general partner's or joint venturer's association with the partnership.

(c)  A new certificate filed under this section is effective for a term not to exceed 10 years from the date the certificate is filed.