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About Us

The Victoria County Public Health Department will be a recognized leader in advancing the health and safety of the community.

To promote, protect, and respond to the residents of Victoria County and the communities we serve by providing public health services essential for healthy communities.

Values: Ace It!
Accountability:  We shall strive to continually learn and improve in order to achieve the highest ideals of public service and take responsibility for performance in all decisions and actions.

Customer Service:  We shall value and respect diversity and recognize the benefit it brings in service to the community and approach all people with respect, understanding, compassion, and dignity. 

We shall continually provide the highest quality customer service by engaging and listening intently to customer concerns and expectations.

Education:  We shall continually seek to educate and learn; to build on our successes and failures; and to cultivate openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Integrity:  We shall adhere to the highest ethical and moral standards in performing our duties and conduct ourselves with a high level of professionalism while treating the community and colleagues with fairness and respect.

Teamwork:  We shall leverage the abilities of all team members to the greatest possible extent to meet common goals and take the initiative in developing and executing solutions to community health issues.