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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

S.T.A.R.S Clinic
4208 Retama Cir.
Victoria, TX 77901

Phone Number:
(361) 575-0681

Family Connects Victoria County is an evidence-based nurse home visiting program for families with newborns 3 to 12 weeks old.

Having a new baby affects families in many ways and babies don't come with an instruction manual. Texas Family Connects nurses are trained to answer your questions and connect you with the support you need. All families have the opportunity to have a registered nurse provide a home visit within the first three weeks. Research shows that when families use Family Connects mothers feel less anxious, they learn about quality child care options, and their babies need less emergency care at hospitals. That is good for babies, families, and the whole community.

Having a baby affects many area of a family's life. FC nurses are trained to answer all kinds of questions and are knowledgeable about the wealth of resources in our community. Here are a few ways how FC nurses can address your family's needs:

  • Baby weight checks
  • Mom health checks
  • Breast or bottle feeding help
  • Postpartum depression screenings
  • Childcare options
  • Understanding new family dynamic
  • Back to work support
  • Help with bathing, diapering, and swaddling techniques
  • Safe sleep information
  • Management of infant crying
  • Financial resources
  • Playgroups & parent support groups
  • Early literacy information
  • Family planning advice
  • Scheduling appointments
  • And healthy home connections

Family Connects supports parents by bringing health care providers, community resources and families together.

                    Amy, RN                      Family Connects Nurse Supervisor 

Jannet, RN
Nurse Home Visitor

                   Margie, RN                               Nurse Home Visitor

Please call 361-575-0681 for more information on Family Connects