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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

S.T.A.R.S Clinic
4208 Retama Cir.
Victoria, TX 77901

Phone Number:
(361) 575-0681

Family Connects FAQs

Family Connects

Q. Do I have to sign Up? Is this program voluntary?
A. Yes. The program is voluntary. However, it is considered an extension of your hospital care and medical home and is recommended by your pediatrician and OBGYN. It is free and offered to everyone born at Citizen Medical Center that lives in Victoria County!

Q. Can I think about it?
A. Of course! However, the appointments fill up fast. We find it best to have the Family Connects staff meet you here, in order to schedule a date for you home visit now and you can always cancel or reschedule.

Q. I am not sure I need this. I have resources/family etc
A. That is good to hear. We find that all babies are different and it's hard to predict what will develop when you are home. It's nice to have a health provider in your home one-on-one who can answer questions objectively. The nurse will take the time to answer all your questions.

Q. If parent asks "What does the nurse do?
A. The nurse provides a health check of mother and baby (baby's weight, measurements and head to toe assessment, mother's BP). The nurse will talk to you about how feeding is going and can help with breast or bottle feeding questions. They have good information on development, handling crying, preparing to go back to work, and family planning. They are also a good resource for parenting supports in the community from social services to play groups and can also communicate directly with your child's pediatrician if need be. Most of the time, it is just one visit, but the nurse can come back for a follow up visit if needed. Show the list of ways the nurse can help on the brochure.

Q. Is this only for low-income families or those with problems?
A. No. Family Connects is for everyone born at Citizen Medical Center that lives in Victoria County as a way to support our residents and ensure overall wellbeing of parents and babies.

Q. Does the nurse bring anything?
A. Yes. She brings a baby scale, stethoscope, and a new parent welcome folder with helpful handouts.

Q. What are the nurse qualifications?
A. All Family Connects nurses are RNs with infant/child/maternal health or public health experience. They all have lactation training.

Leslie Kallus, RN

Leslie Kallus, RN
Nurse Supervisor

Christel Cowan, RN

Christel Cowan, RN
Nurse Home Visitor

Jannet Shepard, RN

Jannet Shepard, RN
Nurse Home Visitor

Lara Parker, RN

Lara Parker, RN
Nurse Home Visitor

Please call 361-575-0681 for more information on Family Connect