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How to file a Complaint
Health & Safety Codes
General Sanitation Program

The Victoria County Public Health Department Environmental Services Division investigates complaints concerning food establishments, sewage and nuisance abatement in accordance with the Texas Health & Safety Code Chapter 341 & Chapter 343. The Texas Health and Safety Code Chapters 341 and 343 are intended to eliminate public nuisances in both incorporated and unincorporated areas of the counties we serve. Examples of nuisances include, but not limited to, accumulated household garbage, standing water, conditions that harbor insects and rodents, surfacing sewage, abandoned swimming pools, and high weeds.

To expedite our investigation, please provide as much information on the property of concern including owner name and physical address or description of property when filing a complaint. You may file a complaint using the Complaint Form or by calling our office at (361)578-6281.

Following an investigation that results in confirmation of Health and Safety Code violations, the property owner or occupant is given 30 days to eliminate or abate the nuisance. Failure to comply may result in civil action or criminal prosecution.

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