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StormReady is a grassroots approach to help communities develop plans to handle all types of extreme weather.  The program encourages communities to take a proactive approach to improving local hazardous weather readiness.  Victoria County wants to promote ways for residents to be StormReady for dangerous weather conditions through educational information.



Recreational Vehicles. In a flood hazard area, an RV must: be licensed and titled as an RV or park model (not as a permanent residence); be built on a single chassis; have inflated tires and be self-propelled or towable by light truck; have no attached deck, porch, shed; be used for temporary recreational, camping, travel, or seasonal use (no more than 180 days); be less than 400 sq. ft. in area; have quick-disconnect sewage, water, and electrical connectors. RVs that do not meet these conditions must be installed and elevated like Manufactured Homes.